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Is toning up, losing weight and improving your fitness level IMPORTANT to YOU? You bet it is!

And now we've made it EASY!

A teacher, an athlete and a risk manager ... all with a passion for health, wellness and a natural approach to wellbeing got together and created Fit to Walk and Talk ... making it EASY to be well!

We apply an holistic approach to Good Health ... PLUS Proven systems to ensure you get the best value for money.

After all that's what most people want ... they want results and they want value.

What makes Fit to Walk and Talk unique is our own personal journeys ... and we're happy to share them with you because we know you will benefit too.

Our origins are also a little unusual. After the death of a work colleage and friend Alex decided to write his first book, titled Fit to Walk and Talk ... and Live! and to promote the book he decided to participate in a demonstration of creating a healthy habit, like walking every day for 30 days.

Only his 30 day journey was a walk from Melbourne to Brisbane, approximately 2000kms, and 65kms a day.

We successfully completed the walk in 1999 and yes, we did it in exactly 30 days ... 26 blisters, some torn muscles, many massages and some incredible moments alongthe way.

Since that epic journey we have focused on developing wellness programs for individuals and groups. We can tailor solutions to your needs and are always willing to discuss the scope of programs with potential clients.